Nutrition and food supplements for animals

Agrovit is able to meet all the needs regarding nutrition and food supplementation for ruminants and monogastrics.

Basic nutrition
Functional nutrition
Customised nutrition




Tradition & innovation

Since 1995 Agrovit has been supporting breeders and operators in the livestock industry by providing them with the most suitable solutions for feeding animals at all stages of their lives.

Tradition, experience, innovation and advanced know-how are the cornerstones on which Agrovit’s business is based. First and foremost, as a technical consultant for all your needs, but also as a distributor for multinational companies in the sector and as a manufacturer for third parties.

About us

Agrovit is a company that operates in the sector of supplementary feeds and premixes for ruminant and monogastric animals.

All Agrovit products are made using renewable solar energy