Functional nutrition intervenes in cases caused by dysmetabolism, to solve the problem and restore the optimal nutritional regime of the farm or of the individual animal.

It is necessary to resort to functional nutrition:

  • as an exception to basic nutritional needs;
  • in the event of spoiled feeds or feeds containing anti-nutritional factors;
  • to assist in preventing and resolving nutritional errors and dysmetabolies related to environmental and physiological stress factors;
  • when probiotics or prebiotics are needed for the gastrointestinal tract of young animals.

Ruminant/Monogastric animals

Toxin binders
Fertility products
Probiotics – Prebiotics – Gastrointestinal products
Anti stress – Antioxidants
Phyto complexes
Acidifiers – Preservatives
Malt extract
Basic nutrition

Supplies the nutrients needed for the various stages of the production cycle of livestock, while optimising basic costs.

Customised nutrition

A specific study of the requirements of each farm, and the needs of its animals, to offer targeted nutrition.

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