Balchem Aminoshure -L

AminoShure® -L Precision Release Lysine provides the essential amino acid, lysine, in a rumen-protected form.

The revolutionary lipid coating was designed to gradually release the lysine payload into the small intestine.


  • Consistent
    AminoShure-L provides the consistency you can count on when balancing precise amino acid levels to meet your pet’s exact nutritional needs
  • Reliable
    AminoShure-L has undergone the same rigorous testing and development protocols as other encapsulants in the Balchem ​​range and offers the same precision nutrient delivery you have come to expect from Balchem ​​products
  • Convenient
    By leveraging Balchem’s innovative encapsulation technologies and production efficiencies, we can provide an effective replacement for more expensive and less consistent lysine sources, reducing variability in both cost and ration quality

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