NitroShure Precision Release Nitrogen is a controlled, gradual release source of nitrogen for rumen microbes that helps increase bacterial protein production and dry matter digestibility.

Its use allows greater flexibility in formulating diets for beef cattle and dairy cows. NitroShure is a valuable tool for breeders and nutritionists in optimising ruminal fermentations and the amount of high biological value protein available to the cow.


  • Increases the Production of High Biological Value Microbial Protein
    By replacing vegetable protein sources with NitroShure, the balance between nitrogen and carbohydrate release in the rumen is optimised, allowing for an increase in microbial protein production.
  • Improves the Digestibility of Fibre and Food Efficiency
    The efficiency of rumen bacteria increases when the release of carbohydrates and nitrogen is correctly balanced. This allows for greater digestion of dry matter and fibre and a consequent increase in the production of volatile fatty acids.
  • Creates Space in the Feed Ration
    Substituting vegetable protein sources with NitroShure creates space in the feed ration which is equivalent to approximately 0.9 kg of dry matter. This space can be filled with farm fodder.
  • Optimises the Cost of Milk Production
    Replacing protein sources with NitroShure, optimises rumen fermentations and the food conversion ratio, thus reducing the cost of the litre of milk produced.

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