Stalosan® F

STALOSAN® F is a multifunctional biocide that effectively protects livestock from infections and diseases.
STALOSAN® F is the only powdered germicide registered by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Its multi-acting disinfectant power provides long-lasting protection, by inhibiting pathogens thanks to its effectiveness that lasts up to a whole week. This significantly reduces costly health problems such as dysentery and swine epidemics, cow mastitis, and various poultry infections.

STALOSAN® F has 3 mechanisms of action:

  • GERMICIDE: Kills pathogens, eliminates fungi, viruses, parasites and fly larvae;
  • REDUCES AMMONIA: Neutralises ammonia and other harmful gases emitted by manure;
  • DRYING AGENT: Absorbs moisture up to 400% of its weight and does not become slippery when wet as in the case of calcium carbonate.

The STALOSAN® F formula contains more than 95% active ingredients. The particularly fine grain size of its particles has been designed to maximise contact with surfaces to increase its effectiveness. The particle size also helps to optimise product dispersion in environments or on bedding, ensuring complete coverage.

STALOSAN® F is a guarantee of safety for animals.
STALOSAN® F has been extensively studied and is supported by independent and university research. These studies have shown its effectiveness in killing pathogens and protecting your livestock from infections, diseases and the harmful effects of ammonia.

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