AminoShure®-XM Precision Release Methionine uses the latest technology for precision amino acid balance.

Thanks to AminoShure®-XM‘s patented X-Technology, the methionine passes intact through the rumen and is gradually released into the small intestine to meet the cow’s methionine requirement more efficiently and in a more cost-effective way.

The yardstick of an effective encapsulated methionine is, ultimately, the cost per unit of bioavailable nutrient to the cow. This is calculated as a function of the cost of the product, stability during mixing, rumen protection and intestinal release.
X-Technology carefully balances these characteristics to provide maximum value to our customers.


  • Cost
    The new X-Technology improves the bioavailability of the nutrient, effectively reducing the encapsulation costs per unit of metabolizable methionine.
  • Stability during mixing
    The new X-Technology uses a lipid-based system that is stronger than polymeric and ethyl cellulose coatings.
  • Rumen protection
    X-Technology has been skilfully designed to resist rumen degradation, thus maximising the amount of nutrient released in the small intestine.
  • Intestinal release
    X-Technology gradually releases methionine into the small intestine, where it is absorbed and used by the animal to optimise productivity.

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