X-Zelit® is a dietary supplementary feed that is registered, in accordance with EU Directive 38/2008, as a feed that reduces the risk of hypocalcemia, by maintaining plasma calcium at the correct levels for the entire peripartum phase.

X-Zelit® makes it extremely easy to effectively prevent both clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia, common metabolic disorders of dairy cows in transition.

Used during the calving preparation phase, X-Zelit® acts as a selective calcium binder, which naturally stimulates the cow to mobilise its body reserves to significantly prevent hypercalcaemic syndrome. Its particular mode of action is much easier to integrate effectively in the management of cows in transition than the traditional approach of balancing the Cation-Anion difference of the diet (negative DCAD).
On the contrary, the latter approach is based on an acidified diet, intrinsically characterised by less palatability and greater difficulty of practical implementation (routine measurement of urine pH), thus guaranteeing less successful prevention.

X-Zelit® promotes optimal calcium balance around calving.
X-Zelit® has been tested through numerous university trials, field tests and plenty of feedback based on the experience of farmers who have been successfully using it for some time as a simple and effective protocol for the prevention of hypocalcemia and other related transition dysmetabolism.

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